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Supporting the well-being of old people

VTKL – The Finnish Association for the Welfare of Older Adults is an active opinion leader supporting the well-being of elderly people and working for the benefit of member organizations.

VTKL was established in 1949 for promoting the welfare and social protection of the older population. It is a national cooperation organization for approximately 320 non profit associations working for the benefit of older people.

VTKL’s members include both local and nationwide associations. The member associations run things like home services and sheltered housing around the country. They also provide other services, volunteer work and arrange various day activities for older persons. Members of VTKL also include national organizations for pensioners and other associations that arrange, among other things, recreational and voluntary activities.

VTKL is also involved in international activities, for example by participating in congresses and the European AGE cooperation network.

VTKL receives substantial funding from the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA).

Organizational activities

  • VTKL participates in the work of policy development committees and groups in public administration and as a member in the activities of national cooperative organizations.
  • VTKL offers its members information and advice in relation to current important issues, holds regional meetings and provides education.
  • VTKL provides information about old age. The goal is to promote a positive attitude towards ageing and older people for the organizations and personnel working in the field.
  • VTKL has published the magazine Vanhustyö (Work in the Field of Elderly Care) since 1950`s. The journal is published five times a year and each issue carries a specific theme.

Development and training

Development projects aim to create new service models and provide latest knowledge for employees in the field. Projects are implemented in cooperation with member associations, local authorities and other partners. Results are published as reports and articles. Educational events organized by VTKL bring up current themes and issues in work with older people.

Support and advice for older people

Home repair advice for elderly over 65

The Central Union has around 14 regional home repair experts who help veterans and older people in assessing and planning house renovation and applying repair allowances. If necessary they also help in finding contractors to carry out the repairs. The repair advice is provided free of charge.

Activities to alleviate loneliness

“Circle of Friends” is a group model for older people, who experience loneliness from time to time or perhaps every day. The aim is alleviate and prevent loneliness. It offers also training for elderly care professionals and volunteers.

Read more about Circle of Friends.

Activities for seniors

Activities for seniors include clubs, groups, volunteer activities, recreational activities and activities for informal carers in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Nationwide education for tutors.

The Day and Week of Older People

Finland has celebrated The Day of Older People since 1954. The Day of Older People takes place on the first Sunday in October, and the following week is The Week of Older People. VTKL selects a theme for the week and produces a poster and a journal as inspirational material.

Festivities and events are arranged during the week around the country focusing attention on ageing well.

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